Northern Italy

Modena, Parma, Reggio, Emilia 

With the Iazyges and the Carpi, the Taifals were harassing the Roman province of Dacia in the mid fourth century. However, the arrival of a new threat Huns from Central Asia changed the political layout of Dacia: "the Huns threw themselves upon the Alans, the Alans upon the Goths, and the Goths upon the Taifali and Sarmatae. The Gothic King Athanaric refused to extend his defensive preparations to the Taifalian territory and the Huns forced the Taifals to abandon Oltenia and western Muntenia by 370. The Taifals allied with the Greuthungi of Farnobius against Rome; they crossed the Danube in 377, but were defeated in late autumn that year. The Taifals were prominent among the survivors of the Farnobius' coalition. After the Gothic victory at Adrianople in 378 under Fritigern, the Thervingian king Athanaric began to assail the Taifals. King Athanaric had not included the Taifals in his defensive construction efforts against the Huns earlier in 376. Subsequent to their defeat and falling out with Athanaric, the Taifals were officially resettled as coloni to farm lands in northern Italy (Modena, Parma, Reggio, Emilia) and Aquitaine by the victorious general Frigeridus.