Most Famous Taifal

Saint Senoch was a Taifal abbot and saint. He was born in Tiffauges, in Poitou. Senoch founded a small monastery about the year 536, making himself abbot over three disciples. They established themselves at a place now called Saint-Senoch, which was the site of some Roman ruins. St. Senoch was famous for his acts of austerity, such as enclosing himself within a four-foot space so narrow that he couldn't move the lower half of his body. This won him the undying love of a vast populace. They built their house in some Roman ruins and there fasted or lived on bread and water. Senoch was friendly with Bishop Euphronius of Tours, and when that saint died, went to his funeral and there met Euphronius's successor, Saint Gregory of Tours.

The abbot was fond of spending much time alone in his cell, not speaking and hardly eating. He paid a visit to his home town and there was so much admired that he came back exceedingly conceited. Fortunately, St. Gregory reproved Senoch and made him spend far more time with his three fellow-monks.

St Senoch knew both St. Euphronius, Bishop of Tours, and his successor, Saint Gregory of Tours